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HELLO SUMMER! ... bring it on. Hot sunny days... sandy feet after a day at the beach... trips to the local Dairy Queen. Kids can be kids, and parents can get a (little) break from the fast and furious pace of the school year. Take it all in. It'll be over in the blink of an eye!

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I met this young lady and her parents just after her first birthday last Fall.  This time she was busy showing off some NEW skills during her spring photo session … walking around beautiful Laurelhurst Park!  I just love this special daddy-daughter moment.   Who else thinks she has him wrapped around her little finger?


Look who just celebrated her first birthday!    I met up with this adorable ONE year old and her parents for a mini session on a perfect Fall day in downtown Portland.    It’s amazing how much babies change and grow in just a year.  She’ll be walking soon…  be ready Mom & Dad!


Just one this time…   I had a blast doing a Fall mini session with this cool 6th grader & his family in East Portland.  His younger brother isn’t far behind & I see him giving lots of advice this year on how to survive 6th grade!


Having a talented photographer as a dad is awesome. He’s the guy with the camera when you’re on vacation and at your soccer games and birthday parties… capturing memories you can look back on years later.  But years later, you want him to be in some pictures too, right?  So this day was all about dad — and having a dad-photographer made this family session a BREEZE… these girls are definitely not camera-shy!


How does summer fly by so fast?  Before you know it, school is BACK.  Shorter (& cooler) days help kids get back into the swing of things.  Homework… new teachers… fall sports.   I LOVE this back to school pic — look at that gorgeous hair!  


“Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.” – Russel Baker

On one of the hottest days of the year… hitting almost 100 degrees in the afternoon.. Central City Concern celebrated summer in style with a picnic that brought together families in their Letty Owings and Family Housing programs.  I met so many great kids and families that day… including this little one who’s going to break hearts some day!


Something funny (…embarrassing!) happened on our way to Martha’s Vineyard.   Hubs and I are big city people – used to taking subways and buses everywhere we go – so of course when we heard that there was a good transit system on Martha’s Vineyard, we decided to take the MVT bus from the airport to the beautiful home where we’d be staying.  No one told us that there were TWO stops on the road we were looking for…. so we got off and started walking … looking for house #71.    45… 56…102!    “Where’s the house!”  Here we are on a dirt road as the sun is setting with a dead cell phone and three unhappy kids (all of us with luggage AND backpacks).   We finally flagged down a car to ask for directions and this nice couple told us that we were MILES AWAY from where we needed to be.   They knew the house because the party rental company he works for was planning to deliver my rental order to the house the next day for a family celebration we were there for.   Are you kidding me?!

Thankfully, they gave us a ride …  and after seeing their son we knew we HAD to do pictures!   Small world.  Cute kid.   :)

kaio 1

I heard about a very special Portland charity through my church, and with a short 5-minute video on their website they captured my heart.

Homelessness.   Every day thousands of people across our great country don’t have a place to call home.  Homelessness can happen for so many different reasons — job loss, an accident, drug addiction…  and kids are caught up in this too.  Having a roof over our head is something so many of us take for granted.

Central City Concern has been changing lives for over 40 years by offering housing, job training and so much more to those affected by homelessness.  A few weeks ago I had my first family portrait session with two families who are part of the Central City Concern community.  Look at these beautiful kids.  I hope their parents will always look back on these photos and remember this as a positive turning point in their lives.

In the coming months I’ll be working with Central City Concern to photograph kids & families in their housing program.


Aidan CCC

brooke CCC




…take three young kids out for photos around dinner time.  Leave for the location while it’s still raining and then cross your fingers!   Lucky for us the rain cleared and we had a great time running around a really gorgeous U Pick lavender farm outside of Portland.  Big thanks to Lori and Bill for their generosity in letting us explore their beautiful farm!

… how many five year old boys do you know who think it’s a great time to get all dressed up for family pics on a cool, not-quite-summer morning?  Mmmmm…. zero.  But bring up that new Lego set he’s been dreaming of and now you’ve got his number.  Have big sister make all kinds of goofy faces behind the camera and then you’re *really* in business!