Laura Templin Photography

HELLO SUMMER! ... bring it on. Hot sunny days... sandy feet after a day at the beach... trips to the local Dairy Queen. Kids can be kids, and parents can get a (little) break from the fast and furious pace of the school year. Take it all in. It'll be over in the blink of an eye!

While you're at it... consider getting your yearly pictures done now. Beach session, anyone? Maybe consider something new I'm doing called "one shot". For $75 you'll get one shot - beautifully edited and given to you as a digital image AND a 5x7 or 8x10 print. A perfect way to capture their personality now without a full blown session.

Contact Laura at for more details or to schedule.

Something funny (…embarrassing!) happened on our way to Martha’s Vineyard.   Hubs and I are big city people – used to taking subways and buses everywhere we go – so of course when we heard that there was a good transit system on Martha’s Vineyard, we decided to take the MVT bus from the airport to the beautiful home where we’d be staying.  No one told us that there were TWO stops on the road we were looking for…. so we got off and started walking … looking for house #71.    45… 56…102!    “Where’s the house!”  Here we are on a dirt road as the sun is setting with a dead cell phone and three unhappy kids (all of us with luggage AND backpacks).   We finally flagged down a car to ask for directions and this nice couple told us that we were MILES AWAY from where we needed to be.   They knew the house because the party rental company he works for was planning to deliver my rental order to the house the next day for a family celebration we were there for.   Are you kidding me?!

Thankfully, they gave us a ride …  and after seeing their son we knew we HAD to do pictures!   Small world.  Cute kid.   :)

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