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HELLO SUMMER! ... bring it on. Hot sunny days... sandy feet after a day at the beach... trips to the local Dairy Queen. Kids can be kids, and parents can get a (little) break from the fast and furious pace of the school year. Take it all in. It'll be over in the blink of an eye!

While you're at it... consider getting your yearly pictures done now. Beach session, anyone? Maybe consider something new I'm doing called "one shot". For $75 you'll get one shot - beautifully edited and given to you as a digital image AND a 5x7 or 8x10 print. A perfect way to capture their personality now without a full blown session.

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I heard about a very special Portland charity through my church, and with a short 5-minute video on their website they captured my heart.

Homelessness.   Every day thousands of people across our great country don’t have a place to call home.  Homelessness can happen for so many different reasons — job loss, an accident, drug addiction…  and kids are caught up in this too.  Having a roof over our head is something so many of us take for granted.

Central City Concern has been changing lives for over 40 years by offering housing, job training and so much more to those affected by homelessness.  A few weeks ago I had my first family portrait session with two families who are part of the Central City Concern community.  Look at these beautiful kids.  I hope their parents will always look back on these photos and remember this as a positive turning point in their lives.

In the coming months I’ll be working with Central City Concern to photograph kids & families in their housing program.


Aidan CCC

brooke CCC




…take three young kids out for photos around dinner time.  Leave for the location while it’s still raining and then cross your fingers!   Lucky for us the rain cleared and we had a great time running around a really gorgeous U Pick lavender farm outside of Portland.  Big thanks to Lori and Bill for their generosity in letting us explore their beautiful farm!

I absolutely LOVE Make it Better – Chicago’s North Shore magazine – so I’m totally psyched that they chose one of my images for the cover of their July issue “Unplugged”.  If you live in the North Shore, pick up a copy to get ideas on how you can “unplug” and get the most out of your Summer…. and congrats to the Harre family on Callen’s new cover girl status!


… how many five year old boys do you know who think it’s a great time to get all dressed up for family pics on a cool, not-quite-summer morning?  Mmmmm…. zero.  But bring up that new Lego set he’s been dreaming of and now you’ve got his number.  Have big sister make all kinds of goofy faces behind the camera and then you’re *really* in business!


I grew up in a house full of BOYS and always wondered what it would be like to have a sister.  Someone whose closet I could raid, someone to tell my secrets to, someone to be silly with…   Marylin Monroe once said “sisters make the best friends in the world” and after spending time with these two sisters, I think that’s true.




Sunny, warm days are almost behind us and it seems Summer has said its goodbye…. we wanted to get this family’s photos in before the non-stop rains come!  There was definitely a bite in the air on this cool, Fall morning but they were troopers and shed their coats for some family fun… and a little “follow the leader”. 

There’s something about Mothers & Daughters that gets me every time.    Mothers love you like no one else can, and daughters take care of you when you get old… love this mother / daughter shot from my session last night.

This lil guy is three months old and I’ve known his family for a long time… almost as long as they’ve been hoping for him and dreaming of him.  Someday I know he’ll understand the excitement that surrounded his arrival this Summer!  Congrats to this amazing family — he is adorable!


I love meeting up with this family whenever I’m in town.  Our kids grew up together in daycare and I’m always amazed to see how big they’re getting.   Sister Kali is a definite natural in front of the camera.  I’m telling you… look for her in magazines some day!  I couldn’t resist posting a pic of their adorable dog too… 

Squeezed in a trip to the beach last weekend (Chicago) with a family I haven’t seen since doing newborn photos with them … almost two years ago.  I love photographing little ones when they’re walking and talking, especially since they usually sleep right through their newborn sessions!